Rebelmatic – NYC Hardcore Punk / Hip Hop

NYC’s Rebelmatic is playing at Jimmy’s Saloon in Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday 4/8/17! They’ve been featured on AFROPUNK and their sound is described as “James Brown in a Mosh Pit”.

They’ll be joined by The Black Kennedys, The Skinny Millionaires, United Soul Alliance and Universal ZU Disciplez for this genre-defying night of live music!

$7. 9-close. Strict 21+
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Firmly rooted in New York’s Punk and Hardcore ancestry, Rebelmatic has self-sworn hip-hop purists, moshing alongside skate punks. They’ve got the respect of the legion of hardcore kids stashed away in the wilds of Brooklyn and Long Island. They can cast a wide net, with successful results because their personal brand of Brooklyn rock has more NY hard-knocks authenticity than most. Despite their NY pedigree the band’s sound is a trippy “what-if” game.


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