Rap Slam @ Jimmy’s Saloon | WEDNESDAY 2.11.15

The first Rap Slam in Newport, RI was a definite success!! We’re looking forward to Wednesday February 11th 2015 as a bunch of new competitors step into the ring to see who has the best verbal ability. Inpynit Da Ghost is hosting this time around and there will also be a surprise guest feature as well. Producers – we need beats for the Round 2 portion of the event. RSVP here on Facebook for more info and to register. Massive respect to Vatic for putting it all together!!

Rap Slam


Here’s how it works:

Three rounds of intimate Hip Hop honesty.

Round 1 Raw Poetry:

Stripped of beat Rapoets must capture the audiences imaginations using only the sound they create with their bodies.

Round 2 Flow:

Rapoets are tasked to choose one beat from the beat bank provided to spit a written or freestyle rap. Rapoet with highest score going into Round 2 goes first.

Round 3 Wild Card:


Judging and Progression:

Only 7 Rapoets will slam. 7 judges will be selected. 5 known and 2 secret. Hosts and score keeper select judges. Rapoets and Judges are required to complete the dead and alive form to participate. Hosts and score keeper will take influences of Rapoets when selecting judges.

Secret judges could be anyone.

Judges give each piece performed in a round a score between 0-10 . Using one decimal place.

0 = Worst rap ever uttered.
10= Perfect

Score keeper drops high and low scores of the 5 known judges. Adding three remaining known scores. Maximum Score is 30pts.

Rapoets must achieve a score equal to or greater than 21 to progress to round 2. To progress to round 3 rapoets need a cumulative score of 48pts. To Successfuly complete Slam Poets need a score of 81pts.

Scores of secret judges will be used when score can positively affect progression of a rapoet from one round to the next.

for example: Rapoet gets a scored

10-7-7-6-4 by known judges and unknown Judges give them 8-7 Secret Judge score is averaged into a score of 7.5 that will displace lowest scores. Giving new score of 21.5 allowing Rapoet to progress to round 2.

We are looking for RaPoets, Producers and Judges

Everything must be original!

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