Psalm One & R.A. the Rugged Man “Open Relationship” Official Music Video

Psalm One goes rhyme for rhyme with R.A. in this dysfunctional love Rap about a different kind of relationship..hilarious cameo by Hip Hop icon Bumpy Knuckles.

Directed by R.A. the Rugged Man

Music by Shuko

“I first met Psalm in Cincinnati at Scribble Jam where I was performing and she was competing in a battle,” R.A. the Rugged Man says of Psalm One. “She lost a round that I thought she deserved to win so I let her know and we became cool.” So cool that they collab-ed on “Open Relationship” – kinda like one of those traditional relationship rap/love songs, except the relationship is, to quote Mobb Deep, all fucked up and real shitty.

This music video – directed by R.A. – has it all: comedy, interracial love, a cameo by Freddie Foxxx, R.A. bedding two chicks and showing off his Guy and Today cassettes, and dramatic dialogue like, “What you doin’ up in the bed cuddling up with two beautiful women? How could you not invite me?”

Read more of the auteur’s directorial insights (including which Freddie Jackson vid it loosely parodies) at R.A. the Rugged Man’s official website.

Learn more about Psalm One at

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