Tweed Leisure 2015 Folk Fest Friday feat. JAVELIN, AND THE KIDS, ABLE THOUGHT & OLIVE TIGER


Friday July 24th – Tweed Leisure presents Javelin, And The Kids, Able Thought & Olive Tiger for an unofficial Newport Folk Fest Afterparty!


Friday July 24th 2015.

This is one for the ages – get a ticket for guaranteed admittance.

Javelin is a production duo based in Brooklyn, New York City. Cousins George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk started making music together in Providence, RI in 2005, although their earliest tape experiments date back to childhood. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist. George plays the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and mandolin, while Tom plays the cello and piano. Drowned in Sound said the duo is “obsessed with old school hip-hop of an ‘80s vintage“. While creating mostly mellow electro-pop/80s-synth style music, the band’s music is very eclectic and they have even produced a Country music album. For years, Javelin used colorfully painted boomboxes on stage to color their sound like a guitar amp. The signal from the show was broadcast via FM transmitter, fostering audience participation (B.Y.O. Boombox) or fueling battery-powered, mobile parties. The band has played over 200 events including Lollapalooza in 2010. In 2009 Javelin was identified a “Rising” artist by Pitchfork Media, tagged Best New Music Pitchfork’s and was given honorable mention for Pitchfork’s “Albums of the Year” for their breakout release JAMZ N JEMZ

Turn to Each Other is more than an album title: it’s a statement of fact for And the Kids, an indie-pop band from Northampton, Mass., whose bond — as musicians, friends and creative foils — is as tight as they come. The trio released Turn to Each Other Feb. 17 on Signature SoundsIt’s their first full-length album, with 11 tracks full of ringing guitars from Hannah Mohan, knotty rhythms from drummer Rebecca Lasaponaro and bold accents from synthesizers and percussion by Megan Miller. Together, they create lush, intricate and tuneful soundscapes that frame Mohan’s lively lead vocals. It makes for a dizzying stop-start ride on the propulsive guitar workout “Secret Makeout Factory,” and becomes hypnotic as the musicians build the repeating lyrics into mantras over enveloping musical textures on “Neighbors.” There’s a restless energy fueling the interplay between keyboards and guitars on “No Countries,” while the stately “All Day All Night” stacks the musicians’ voices into a full-throated choir layered with soaring harmonies. “The album has a very big spectrum of emotions,” Mohan says. “It has total happy bliss fun, and then it also has the saddest moments.” One of the most poignant moments comes on “No Countries.” Over a scrambling rhythm and loops of electric ukulele, Mohan sings, “We want no countries/ We want no boundaries,” a sentiment rooted in a specific situation: Miller’s. After the Canada native went home to Ottawa to visit family at the end of 2014, she wasn’t allowed back in the U.S. when she tried to return. Although Mohan wrote the song as an expression of support for Miller long before the multi-instrumentalist was detained at the border, the tune has taken on much greater meaning.

Like watching a storm from a safe place Able Thought‘s music is an eerie swelling of powerful sub-sonics gathering amidst a tranquil unpredictable environment. “A storm he orchestrates and engages and recedes and scares away and invites in.” 15 miles east of Providence, Rhode Island and along the Warren River bank lies the small creative arts town of Warren where the blue-eyed, neo-soul singer is from. Gathering inspiration from his environment being minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, indigenous parts of the Northeastern Woodlands and the culturally rich city of Providence, Able Thoughts lyrics poor out with detail and vividness the emotions and nuances of his everyday life. The track Between The Trees off the release “serene In Limbo” reflects this “In mild woods sway with me/ In mild wood find me weak/ In moonlit woods between the trees/ In moonlit woods stay close to me” Able Thought supported the release of “serene In Limbo” with an East Coast tour in December 2014.

Olive Tiger is the lush and rhythmic result of collaboration between Olive Kiley (cello/guitar/vocals), Jesse Newman (violin), and Dane Scozzari (drums).  Rooted in the folk tradition, Olive Tiger has grown from their gypsy-folk origins to incorporate influences from rock, hip-hop, classical, and electronica.  The result is somewhere between St. Vincent, Andrew Bird, Joanna Newsom, Rasputina, and tUnE-yArDs.  Olive Tiger, at its start, began as a much larger group led by Olive.  Wanting to incorporate her cello and her loop pedal, the music took on a new shape and sound, requiring the detailed attention of a smaller group.  Now a trio with frequent guests, Olive Tiger is currently working on their debut album, due October 2015.

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