Khary (@sorrykhary) drops compelling tribute to the late Philando Castile, “Trappin Demo” @producedbyKrs


In the wake of the devastating Philando Castile murder verdict, Rhode Island lyricist Khary gives us a thought provoking track, touching on today’s glaring racism through “Trappin Demo (RIP Philando Castile).”

The brooding, thoughtful track finds Khary pulling no punches as he touches on how systemic and overt racism towards African-Americans still exists while our culture continues to thrive, create trends, and provide profit for oppressors.

On his SoundCloud page, Khary wrote a note explaining the record and how important it was for him to address this heart aching tragedy.

“I wrote this song last year and originally had decided not to drop it but last night I watched the footage of an officer killing a man in front of his daughter and I feel very heavy. I don’t like to get too political or anything of that nature because I live in a very divided country and would better contribute to the situation by being a positive influence through my creative outlets. But this is just wrong by all means.

I urge you all to watch the dash cam footage of the senseless murder of Philando Castile by a cop who was just acquitted. Not all cops are bad and I’m not here to tell you what to think but we have a psychological problem on many fronts in this country that needs to be addressed. I’ll go back to rapping about bitches next week.”


Mark Braboy

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