House of Lyrics – The Return | Jimmy’s Saloon 1.2.16

House of Lyrics returns to Jimmy’s Saloon in Newport, Rhode Island for the first weekend of 2016 – featured performances from Kee-Words, Everybody Luv Black, Ice from DirtyDurdie, Big City Bumpus and Sheezac & J-Earn! DJ Tone on the wheels of steel all night! 9-close. $7. Strict 21+

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House of Lyrics - The Return | Newport, RI


Kee-Words was raised in a small apartment in one of the few projects in Newport, RI and became immersed in rap music around age 11 when he bought Biggie’s Born Again on cassette and a DJ Red Alert mixtape from the local Walgreens. Shortly after, his uncle Tone Kuiee introduced him to the Music Production Center, or MPC, and he started banging away while becoming increasingly intrigued with the lyrical side of rap music.
Kee-Words delivery was inspired by the unique rhyme schemes of guys like Busta, Redman, Andre3000, and Em. Kee can capture ears in heart-on-sleeve mode while slaying swag-loving posers.


In the independent Hip Hop scene, Freddie Black & B Luv have made a name for themselves in the independent Hip Hop scene from New England to Cali. Based out of Newport, RI, Freddie and B-Luv met as teenagers after B-Luv had moved from Philly. From a young age the two had instant chemistry on the mic, but would not pursue music together until much later. Freddie however had sought a solo career that would take him from Atlanta to the West Coast. As Freddie made connections with various producers and emcees, he would ultimately release his mixtape “X-Files” featuring verses from B-Luv among others. With the reception of their head-turning verses on the tracks Zonin’ and The Chat, the two joined together under the name Everybody Luv Black. ELB released their debut self titled LP “Everybody Luv Black” in the summer of 2014. The project was produced by veteran beatsmith SpliftOut, who has worked with the likes of M.O.P., Lord Finesse, Stevie J and more.

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