Everybody Luv Black w/ special guests – 11/18/15

Enjoy this Jimmy’s Saloon rap spectacular on Wednesday November 18th 2015. Newport favorites Everybody Luv Black will be rocking the stage alongside Universal Disciplez, Radames, W.A.R, Ruthless Mars, TEFF BANGA! Hosted by Nahbi Reality and KyleBigUps – DJ Nook on the 1s and 2s. 9-close. $5. Strict 21+

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Everybody Luv Black, Universal Disciplez, Radames, W.A.R., Ruthless Mars, Teff  Banga - Jimmy's Saloon, Newport, RI



Freddie Black (@FreddieBlack401) & B Luv (@MarathonaJakk) have made a name for themselves in the independent Hip Hop scene from New England to Cali. Based out of Newport, RI, Freddie and B-Luv met as teenagers after B-Luv had moved from Philly. From a young age the two had instant chemistry on the mic, but would not pursue music together until much later. Freddie however had sought a solo career that would take him from Atlanta to the West Coast. As Freddie made connections with various producers and emcees, he would ultimately release his mixtape “X-Files” featuring verses from B-Luv among others. With the reception of their head-turning verses on the tracks Zonin’ and The Chat, the two joined together under the name Everybody Luv Black. ELB released their debut self titled LP “Everybody Luv Black” in the summer of 2014. The project was produced by veteran beatsmith SpliftOut (@SpliftOut), who has worked with the likes of M.O.P., Lord Finesse, Stevie J and more.


The Universal Disciplez are an artistic movement. At its heart it is a Hip Hop group but it’s so much more then that. It is a chance for old and new artists to come together and help art evolve. There is also the Universal Collective which is the lager body of artists and supporters around the country and the world. The goal of it all is to share resources and build sustainable and pure art – not stuff controlled by the limited media outlets and record labels. This is art fusion, this is the universal movement!


Born in New Bedford, MA. Joey Dias, aka TEFF BANGA always found himself on the more dangerous side of life; he lived in Boston growing up then back to a small town where violence almost seemed mandatory. Apart from his environment he learned what responsibility was early in life due to his younger brother who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a couple months after he was born. Due to his younger brothers condition TEFF got use to entertaining himself since he was home a lot helping out. With a ripped out speaker, a karaoke machine, and a stereo he began to record himself on cassette tapes sharpening his skills over the years convinced that rap will be the ticket to getting his brother all the equipment he needs to help him with his condition.

In 2005 TEFF moved to the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area were he officially set up camp for his music journey. In 2007 he almost had his big break meeting a female D.J. affiliated with G-Unit’s 50 Cent. After working together for a couple months conflict appeared when TEFF broke the ultimate rule,”Don’t Mix Business With Pleasure” resulting in miscommunication, jealousy, 50 never hearing his music, and a fallen out between the two.
For almost a decade he has stayed consistent with endless material, from features to solo projects. Teff has definitely kept the momentum going through heart-stopping live shows and a steady flow of entertainment. To this day TEFF has used all of his life’s journey and forged a weapon made up of musical talent, from tours to over 11 projects released, and a overseas fanbase it’s evident that we are approaching an era where the whole world will know the name, TEFF BANGA.

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