Cesar Comanche – Tuesday 7/14/15

Universal Zulu Nation Rhode Island & rhymeCulture present Cesar Comanche, Ghost Dog, DJ Trizzak, Flizz, Oblivious, Divine Ways Earned, Krook Rock & more on Tuesday July 14th for an unforgettable night of Hip Hop music and culture! It’s all going down at Jimmy’s Saloon (37 Memorial Boulevard, Newport, RI). Free – no cover but bring a canned good or other non-perishable food item if you’re able to. 9pm-1am. Strict 21+

Cesar Comanche - Tuesday 7/14/15 - Jimmy's Saloon - Newport, RI

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Cesar Comanche is one of the founding emcees of North Carolina’s critically acclaimed hip-hop crew, The Justus League. Comanche, originally from Jacksonville, NC, began writing rhymes in 1994, but didn’t pursue rhyming as a career until 1996 his second year of college. In that same year, he met budding producer and fellow NC State student 9th Wonder for the first time, and began doing live performances and recording songs.

After a few years of perfecting his craft, Comanche along with 9th Wonder, organized their fellow friends and rap artists in the Triangles hip-hop scene and started the Justus League Crew in 1999. Since then, he has performed with Tha Liks, The Coup, Hieroglyphics, Z-Man, Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Supastition, Faust & Shortee, Wordsworth, Kardinal Official, DJ Dez, DJ Houseshoes, Aceyalone, O.C., Louis Logic, Malay Sparks, Ghettosocks and many others.

In addition to touring USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Sweden, England, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, and Croatia and performing with Little Brother and the rest of the Justus League, Comanche has appeared on television shows such as Time Warner Cable’s Music Choice Rap Channel, Hip Hop Nation (NBC), Distortion 2 Static (WB Network), and Little Brother’s “You Hear It First” segment on MTV2. He has also been featured in several videos, most notably, his own “Hands High”, and “Lamb to Lion” video which won a “Most Creative Atmosphere” award from the University of Chapel Hill.

Comanche has independently released two solo albums on his own Defenders of the Free World imprint (2000’s Wooden Nickels and 2002’s Paper Gods) and with Blues Interactions (2005’s Squirrel and The Aces The Japan Tour) with ABB Records (2005’s Squirrel and The Aces also 2009’s Die In Your Lap) with Beathut Records (2006’s Wooden Nickels Revisited) and with Bruther Monk Music (2011’s Itch Remedy). He also has appeared on Little Brother’s “The Listening” LP, Edgar Allen Floe’s “True Links” LP, featured in the theme song This Side of the River of the Princeville, NC Documentary, Away Team, Legacy, and 9th Wonder’s “National Mayhem” Triple album, Eternia’s “Its Called Life” LP, the Justus League’s “NC State of Mind Vol. 1” mixtape, the Hall of Justus’ “Singles Files” mixtape, and many other projects. He is now completing his new project called “Like a Night in the Thief”.



* “Wooden Nickels” (2000)
*” Paper Gods” (2002)
* “Squirrel and The Aces: The Japan Tour” (2005)
* “Squirrel and The Aces” (2005)
* “Wooden Nickels Revisited” (2006)
* “Die In Your Lap” (2009)
* “Itch Remedy” (2011)
* “Like a Night in the Thief” (in production)


* “The Listening” by Little Brother (2002)
* “NC State of Mind” by Justus League (2003)
* “City Lights” by Nicolay (2004)
* “Single Files” by DJ Flash (2004)
* “Hub City Revival” by DJ KO (2004)
* “Mixology” by DJ Fuzz (2004)
* “Streetwise LP” by Edgar Allen Floe (2004)
* “Real Shit” by Djimon (2005)
* “Bakers Dozen” by ABB Records (2005)
* “It’s Called Life” by Eternia (2005)
* “The Dream Merchant Vol. 1″ by 9th Wonder (2005)
*” This Side of the River Documentary” – Princeville Soundtrack (2006)
* “Simbiosis” by El Cerebro (2007)
* “Freakshow Vol. 1 – Tales of the Traveling Tunes” by Pop Shuvit (2007)
* “Mixology 2” by DJ Fuzz (2008)
* “The Beat Bandit” by Keri The Beat Bandit (2009)
* “Treat of the Day” by Ghettosocks (2009)
* “Gdzie Jest Vibe?” by Boomer & Ask (2010)
* “E=MC” by Element (2012)
* “The Extremities” by Fresh Kils (in production)
* “Life’s A Drug” by Bo Jankans (in production)

Engineering Credits

* “Paper Gods” by Cesar Comanche (2002)
* “Lamb to Lion Video” by Cesar Comanche (2003)
* “Mixology” by DJ Fuzz (2004)
* “Squirrel and The Aces: The Japan Tour” by Cesar Comanche (2005)
* “Squirrel and The Aces” by Cesar Comanche (2005)
* “Chain Letters” by Supastition (2005)
* “Monkey Barz” by Sean Price (2005)
* “Chemistry” by Buckshot & 9th Wonder (2005)
* “Reloaded” by Smif-n-Wessun (2005)
* “This Side of the River” [Documentary] – Princeville Soundtrack (2006)
* “Simbiosis” El Cerebro (2007)
* “Median’s Relief” by Median (2007)
* “Freakshow Vol. 1 – Tales of the Traveling Tunes” Pop Shuvit (2007)
* “Hands High” [Video] by Cesar Comanche (2008)
* “The Beat Bandit” by Keri The Beat Bandit (2009)
* “Treat of the Day” by Ghettosocks (2009)
* “Lamb to Lion 2 Trailer” [Video] by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* “Lamb to Lion 2” [Video] by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* “Kaleidoscope” by Azon Blaze (2011)
* “Itch Remedy” by Cesar Comanche & DJ Flash (2011)
* “E=MC” by Element (2012)

Videos Apperances

* “Speed” by Little Brother (2002)
* “Lamb to Lion” by Cesar Comanche (2003)
* “Shinning” by Away Team (2005)
* “Hands High” by Cesar Comanche (2008)
* “Lamb to Lion 2 Trailer” by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* “Lamb to Lion 2” by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* “Many Microphones” by Actual Proof (2010)
* “The Phantom of the Jamla” by Sean Boog (2011)
* “Die In Your Lap” by Cesar Comanche (2012)

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